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BarberiX is smokeless barbecue patented by Gorex, an idea of partners Giuseppe Remonato and Claudio Gobbi.
The company was founded in 2001 and its core business is in the metalworking sector. Today Gorex is a consolidated company in constant growth, processing metals for products used in the construction, industrial, furniture and design sectors.
The first infrared gas barbecue with indirect cooking technology was produced in 2008 and immediately became the company's flagship: a unique method of cooking with an innovative, patented and certified technology.
Each piece, entirely made and tested at Gorex, is an expression of craftsmanship, quality and guarantee.

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  • Gorex srl
  • No VAT: 03105180230 - R.E.A No. 309381
  • Share capital fully paid-up 10.000 €
  • Via Madonna Pellegrina, 28 - 37047 San Bonifacio VR
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